Here are some of the things our clients are saying about The Fitness Studio and our trainers and therapists:

“I have been working out at The Fitness Studio with Greg for 5 years.  I play tennis and snowboard, and Greg comes up with great sport-specific exercises for my training.  The Fitness Studio has an upbeat, positive vibe!”  – Sherry M.

“I first came to see Hope through a referral from a friend of mine that does personal training. I had many aches and pains that seemed never to go away so I decided to give Hope a call to determine if these pains were ‘part of growing old’ or more a function of inadequate posture/workouts. I came to realize that the small pains I’ve been experiencing over the last few years could be eliminated with pressure to the right muscles group. Her targeted approach got me back on my feet after major back/hip pain in less than 60 days!  I feel stronger than ever before and will start seeing her on a monthly basis just to ensure that this ‘part of growing up’ never slows me down.” – Mark G.

“The Fitness Studio is intimate and therefore not intimidating.  The trainers work with clients of all ability levels.  It is small, not corporate, and I like the way the trainers are able to personalize every workout.  There is no need for me to workout elsewhere or with other popular methods because I get a full body work each time with Dan.  It is fun to walk in and work out!”  – Kamaya J.

“I have been working with Brian K. for over 4 years now.  I would never have imagined that at 71 years old, I could love going to work out 5 days a week.  The Fitness Studio is welcoming and the trainers are dedicated to your welfare.  And as they say, it is a fun place to go ‘where everybody knows your name.’” – Sherrie H.

“The greatest fitness successes in my life have been with Dan.  The greatest body work and recovery efforts have been with Dan.  He has a genius and gifted observance of all the subtle nuances of the body.  It is so much fun working out with him – very creative.  Dan is a great fitness role model who walks the talk.”  – Maria S.

“When asked in a meditation class to go to my safe place, my mind immediately took me to The Fitness Studio, where I have worked with Jessie for over two years.  Jessie and the staff have created a fun, loving atmosphere, and the workouts are challenging. “ – Bleema M.

“I have been working with Greg at The Fitness Studio 4-6 days per week for 12 years now.  I feel that I get a great workout and I really like the way everyone interacts together.  I have also had the opportunity to work with many of the other trainers over the years when Greg has been unavailable.  This has allowed me to continue pursuing my goals while experiencing the unique style that each brings to the table.” – Linear B.

“I train with Dan at The Fitness Studio because the workouts are creative, challenging, and targeted – there is no banging away at heavy weights.  The energy and enthusiasm at the studio are contagious and although I have to work hard, I am always smiling.  I love the fact that our sessions are customized, and modified as necessary to meet my current personal fitness goals.” – Inge B.

“Great place, great space, great people…fun, knowledgeable team of trainers, create a great workout experience.  I could not be happier.” – Bill G.

Brian K. makes workouts seem effortless and still gets amazing results.  He runs a casual and very professional fitness studio.”  – Viv C.

“I very much enjoy my workout experience at The Fitness Studio and the expert advice and training programs I receive from my personal trainer Stephanie.  The Fitness Studio has a wide variety of up to date equipment that allows Stephanie to customize training programs for my specific training goals.  I like that the Fitness Studio is not crowded so we have access to everything we need and can get right to training without any delay or pause between workout stations.  I have been at it for about a year and I have noticed significant improvement to my strength, energy and overall fitness.  I look forward to more great workouts with Stephanie at the Fitness Studio!” – Eric B.

“The best massage in town is definitely Brian M!  In addition, I learned the value he brings as a personal trainer when I had a total knee replacement 4 ½ years ago. Between physical therapy and working with Brian M., I have full range of motion, and often forget of my knee replacement. I now only work out with Brian M. as my personal trainer as he tailors my exercise to keep me healthy and playing the sports I love.”  – Shelley P.

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